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Phone: 1 818 660 4835
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Wedding Ceremonies

Are you looking to get married in the state of California?

Getting married is the most special event of our lives, and Rapid Marriage staff is ready to make it a perfect and mesmerizing experience for you!

Wedding Ceremonies​

We at Rapid Marriage offer our valued customers a spectrum of different ways to get married.

We provide them with Confidential marriage license, We can perform a simple “I do” ceremony at the office.

Rapid Marriage performs a civil ceremony service to all faiths.

Please call us to further discuss the details of your wedding and how we may be of an assistance in helping you on your special day.

We can be reached by phone or text and can help you by make an appointment to visit our office.

Rapid Marriage can offer you a plan that meets with your approval.

  1. At the office – you and your fiancée – simple “I do’s”
  2. At the office- you and your fiancée and a few family members or friends (2-4) – simple “I do’s”
  3. At a location of your choosing- the happy couple- all your guests- simple “I do’s” or something more special written by you or chosen by our office.
We are open 365 days a year and because of our dedicated staff (holiday prices and hours may be different). We do our best to accommodate all by being available as much as possible. We do “short notice,” “last minute weddings,” “spontaneous weddings,” etc. But! If you have a specific day, and a specific time, or location you have in mind we encourage you to book an appointment as soon as you have chosen that day. Don’t be shy! Call us today!

We Are Here!

Challenging Situation? We will help!
Getting married in a hospital? We can be there to help you with the paperwork as well as a ceremony.
Rapid Marriage makes every effort to make the process easy, simple and efficient.

Wedding Ceremony

When you have a big number of friends and family and you want to invite all of them when you are knotting up then this is the best option to opt for. Our Wedding services are top-notch services, and we have earned an honor in our field, and we have expanded our business by word of mouth a lot. That is why Rapid Marriage has served a lot of satisfied customers with great honor and helped them make their best day magnificent.
We are open 365 days a year and because of our expert staff, we are capable to accommodate our customers’ weddings even on short notice. Though in the wedding season, that is the start and the end of summer, we request our customers to have pre-booking because of the high volume of bookings. Contact us ahead of time, so that we can adjust you accordingly. If you are reading this, in the wedding season don’t think anymore, call us and discuss!

Weddings on Short Notice

At Rapid Marriage, we are often pinged by our valued customers to perform a ceremony sometimes on the same day or to make arrangements on very short notice. For these short-notice weddings, we always have a spare slot ready for these customers to make their dreams come true. As we know when our valued clients are planning a wedding on short notice, there might be some sort of emergency. We always have a backup team and ready to integrate inventory to make our customers happy.

If you are planning a short notice wedding please read our guidelines in this section or the FAQs tab or simply call us.

Here are some reasons when most of our customers are in dire need of short notice or impulse marriage.

To Cheer Up the Hospitalized.
Most of the time short notice marriages are conducted when one of our beloved guests is undergoing some critical situation but has mental consciousness in any hospital and their loved ones to make them happy to recover fast they ask for wedding services on short notice. In situations like these, we at Rapid Marriage try to make the day the best as possible. Feel free to call us to discuss your thoughts and rates about it.
Partners with Immigration Issues
Most often we have to get married at very short notice to our partners whose status to be resident of the United States is terminating soon because of certain conditions. We can also offer rapid marriage services to these clients as well.
For getting a collective property or financial stability
Many of our customers have faced this issue to legally pursue their dreams. Many people tie the knot of marriage when they think that they need to get married fast to obtain collective ownership of property as a partner or to tackle or get the insurance that can be obtained by people who are bonded with the knot of the wedding. In such cases, the first customer copy of the marriage certificate can do enough to make your life easy peasy, which is a good option and the customer can consider it for many financial situations such as insurance, tax filing, mortgage, and so on. Our clients can use this customer copy as proof of your wedding. In the meantime, the original is being saved and handled by the Recorder’s Office to add it to their database. It sometimes takes five to six weeks to get the original.