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Phone: 1 818 660 4835
SMS: 1 818 660 5643

Jail Marriages

We will work with you and the state in helping you marry your loved one who happens to be incarcerated at this time.

We will have our notary go with you to jail to get your paperwork notarized.

We will have the person marring you travel to the facility where you will be getting married and complete the proses.

We Can not issue confidential marriage license if partner is incarcerated but can guide you to get your public license from the county clerks office,

We will need valid Identification Cards for bride and groom.

We have competitive pricing. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Are you having a strong feeling about getting married to your inmate?
Don’t despair we have the easy-going solution for you.

Rapid Marriage also offers its services for jail marriage ceremonies in Southern California. For a list of counties visit our About Us page or call us directly at 1 818 660 4835. We can provide you with services for jails, detention centers, courts, prisons, and wherever applicable by the law for people who want themselves to be tied up in the knot with their inmates.

Rapid Marriage also loves to help you assist in obtaining your marriage license at the office of County Recorder. If you want to have marriage at the jail facility, we at Rapid Marriage will love to guide you through the process of getting wedding approval from the Sheriff’s department. 

We provide market competitive offerings for you to get bonded with your loved ones. For documenting your marriage license you have to provide a valid and acceptable ID of your inmate to the county clerk that could be anything from a passport, driving license, birth certificate to a green card, and so on.